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Malibay Fire Substation Gets Overhauled

 by: INSP ERVIC S GAVIERES Pasay City Fire Station

                           A new building housing agencies from the local DSWD, PCP1 Police and the Malibay Fire Substation is finally put into operation. The new three-storey building is located at Apelo Cruz Ext., Malibay, Pasay City where the old Maalibay Fire Substation once stood. The building, completed in 8 months’ time, spans a total area of more than 150 square meters. It is part of a series of renovation projects on primary facilities all over Pasay City by the local government under the leadership of Mayor Antonino G. Calixto.Services for the residents of Malibay will be greatly improved by connecting three very important government agencies in one location. Likewise, the additional space would mean convenience to both occupants and their clientele, it was concluded.
It is expected that all the services to move into the building within the next two months. “The building will be very functional. Residents of Malibay and other nearby barangays will be served in one place instead of going from one place to another and wasting their time,” MalibayBarangay Captain said stating the reconstruction of the building was a promise that had been made and fulfilled by the current local government. “We can always make use of the extra space,” a firefighter from Malibay admitted saying. The old substation was cramped up and wasn’t ideal compared to present standards. “Now, firefighters from our Central Fire Station are considering transferring here due to the nice ambiance the new building creates for its occupants,” the firefighter added.1 2 3 4