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“Save Lives and Properties”

First Female Fire Olympics of BFP NCR

FO1 Johmar Tuburan

  Firefighting skill requires strength and cleverness on the part of rescuers. As “heroes” of the society, firefighters are expected to be physically ready to face the toughness and difficulty in saving lives in danger. Requiring physical strength, firefighting is often stereotyped as male profession. Intending women empowerment during the celebration of women’s month, the Gender Awareness and Development (GAD)  Bureau of Fire Protection- National Capital Region held the First ever Female Fire Olympics on 10 March 2016. Early cool morning at 0500H 10 March 2016, the tournament committee, consisting of the BFP-NCR SRU personnel headed by SINSP MARIANO S TAGUIAM went to Camp Karingal, Quezon City to set up the materials needed for the First Female Fire Olympics.NEWS1
The event had previously been scheduled at Quezon Memorial Circle but moved to Camp Karingal after conducting ocular assessment of the vicinity.  The event would not have been possible without the support and approval of P/CINSP BENJAMIN GABRIEL JR, Camp Karingal Commander of the Philippine National Police.   As sunshine gradually illumined Camp Karingal grounds, the participants from the five Fire Districts began crowding the vicinity with jubilation. Firefighters were cheerful to meet their friends and training mates from other districts. It was also an opportunity to build strong camaraderie within respective teams and outside teams.  NEWS11
At 0800H, the entrance march of the five participating districts marked the start of the program. This was followed by the singing of the National Anthem and Doxology performed by the Makabagong Bumbero. Immediately after the prayer, the GAD focal person Rev Fr. SINSP EFREN B BALISTOY formally welcomed all participants of the event.   In the absence of the former fire chief, DIR ARIEL A BARAYUGA, CEO VI, CSUPT LEONARD R BAÑAGO, regional director gave a short inspirational message which highlighted that women can perform firefighting task as effective as men can; He pinpointed that women are not second class working citizens. The oath of sportsmanship which was lead by SINSP BONA EILEEN P PEÑAS marks the formal declaration of the opening of the first ever Female Fire Olympics.   Listed below are the categories and the corresponding winners:

CATEGORY Champion 1st runner up 2nd runner up
HOSE SHOULDER RELAY District I District II District V
TUG-OF-WAR District II District V District IV
FLAMMABLE FIRE EXTINGUISHMENT District 4 District 1 District 5
BUCKET RELAY District 3 District 2 District 4

The closing and awarding of the ceremony started around 1330H which was almost two hours earlier than the expected time. The award plaques were presented by the regional director, the assistant regional directors for administration and operation. Quezon City Fire District earned the overall champion by a tie-breaking event with Manila Fire District. CAMANAVA District won the overall second runner-up.   The event has been successful despite the short time preparations because of the eagerness of the regional director to push through the first female Fire Olympics of BFP NCR and the active involvement of the GAD District Coordinators.NEWS11111